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25 Februari 2011

File Transfer And Remote File Access

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
• standard mechanism provided by TCP/IP for copying file from one host to another.
• FTP Site is a computer running an FTP server Application
• On FTP Server, a program called daemon allows to download and upload files
• FTP can transfer binary files over internet without encoding and decoding overhead
• FTP can upload files from your computer to another computer
• Large organization use mirror site; contain same set of files
• Mirror site serve as a backup for the main server if main server fails

How FTP Works
• FTP server identifies user based on user IDs
• FTP client / server create a session after you are logged on
FTP client has access to the file system on the server
FTP cliend / server software can access their individual file system in either direction

• FTP uses two well known port:
  • Port 20 for data connection
  • Port 21 for control connection

Requirement For Using FTP
  • An FTP client installed on the computer.
  • Login details of the FTP server to which you want to connect: 
  • The FTP server address. This looks a lot like the address you type in Internet Explorer to browse websites. One such example is “”. 
  • The user name and password required for the FTP connection. Some FTP servers let you connect to them anonymously. For anonymous connections, you do not need a user name and password.
FTP From A Command Prompt
•  Another similar FTP is TFTP (Trivial FTP)
•  TFTP has fewer command than FTP
•  TFTP used only to send and receive files.
•  It can be used for multicasting which a file is sent to more than one client at the same time using UDP

TFTP Usage And Design  Transfer files between process.
  Minimal overhead(no security)
  Easy to implement
  Small-possible to include firmware
  Used to bootstrap workstations and network devices.

TFTP Protocol

  •   Read request
  •   Write request
  •   Data
  •   ACK(acknowledgement)
  • •  Error


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