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26 Februari 2011

OpenGL Programming Part 1

What is OpenGL®
• graphic rendering Application Programming Interface
• high quality color images composed of geometric and image primitives
• window and operating system independent
• a library for 3D graphic and modelling
• portable and fast

The OpenGL Pipeline

The OpenGL® Standard
• an API not a language
• some graphic package include
  • Renderman
  • Renderware
  • DirectX

What can OpenGL® do?
• display primitives
• coordinate transform
• anti-aliasing
• pixel update operation
• display list

OpenGL® Primitives
• All geometric object in OpenGL are created from a set of basic primitives
• certain primitives are provided to allow optimization of geometry for improved rendering speed.
Line Based Primitives
Polygon Primitives

OpenGL Supports:
• phong illumination model
    -diffuse reflection
     -phong specular highlight
     -ambient illumination
• shading models
    -flat shading
    -gourand shading
    -phong shading

Relevent Library
• the GL library : core function of OpenGL; modelling, viewing, clipping, lighting
• The GL Utility (GLU) : create common object; sphere quadrics : special of standard views; perspective, orthographic
• The GL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) : provides the interface with the windowing system.
• window management, menus, mouse interaction

OpenGL Command Format

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