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7 November 2010

Video Pre-Production


Video production is concerned with non-broadcast program making. Productions are recorded closed-circuit on videotape, distributed and viewed by a small audience

The Production Team

•Production group vary in size, according to the organization and the complexity of the production
•Titles and responsibilities differ.
•In some groups there are strict demarcations, while in smaller units work is shared

Types Of Video Production
•Live Event Coverage
•Instructional Video
•Informational Video
•Corporate Video

Video Pre-Production Process

  • Idea Generation 
  • Treatment / Plan 
  • Storyboard and Scripts 
  • Shot List and Running Sheet 
  • Location 
  • Casting 
  • Budgeting 

Idea Generation
Different Genres
A genre is a type of text, a format for communicating information.
Here are some examples:
- comedy
- action
- mystery
- science fiction
- documentary
- music video
- commercial.

The treatment is a written document that summarizes the story line (plot) of the video or film.
Usually the writer and the director get together to convey the idea to a producer.

•A series of diagrams that are used to depict the composition of a video segment.
•Each diagram consists of: a sketch of the video image; a brief description of the visual; notes for the camera operator; the details of the desired audio that will accompany the visual; and an estimate of how long the segment will be.

Script Writing
•Planning is an essential part of production and the script forms the basis for that plan
•It helps the director to clarify ideas and to develop a project that will work
•It helps to coordinate the production team

•Working date
•Title of showy
•Shot code system
•Description of shot
•Camera framing details
•Length of shot (roughly)
•Any notes

Shotlist Code
•ECU : Extreme close up
•CU : Close up
•MS : Medium shot
•LS : Long Shot
•VLS : Very long shot
•ELS : Extreme long shot

Running Sheet
•Working date
•Equipment list
•Cast list
•Props list
•Schedule for the day
•Any important reminders / notes

•Location refers to the place that you video tape the project. There are generally two types of location:
1) sets
2) remote location

•Casting is the process of determining which person will play each role in the project.

•Stick to budget no matter what
•Make sure everyone knows what the budget limits
•Keep track of every expenses


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