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4 Mac 2011

Geometric Objects And Transformation (Part 2)

• one example of a transformation is the windows to view port transformation
 to allow us to move objects to more complex locations
• OpenGL pipeline makes transformations easy
• transformation consists of (occur in 2d and 3d)
     • a rotation
     • a scaling
     • a translation
     • a shearing

• transformation allow for:
  1. scene composition
  2. easily create symmetrical object
  3. viewing object at different angles
  4. computer animation where several objects need to more relative to one another
 Transformation points ( simply takes a point and maps it to another location)
transformation point

Affine Transformations : there are 4 types of transformations that can be combined to produce an affine transformation

  1. Translation: moving point/object around in the x,y, and z direction
This means that values are being added or subtracted to the existing coordinates

      2. Scaling : This means that x, y and z coordinates are being multiplied by a scalar
Scale point; P = (6,2) to Q = (3,4)

     3. Rotation : This means that x,y,z rotated araound a point
rotation matrix
     4. Shearing : That a point is dragged in a particular direction, coordinated affected but other are not

     5. Combining Transformation : rotate scaling, translation and shearing can be combined into matrix

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