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Overview Of The Internet

Autonomous System
• the infrastructure of the internet each independently managed
• each may consist of multiple network
• each have number called AS number

Internet Access Method
• Dial-up : use a modem and standard telephone line (max speeed not exceed=56kbps)
• ISDN : use existing telephone lines  (allows 64Kbps on a single channel). Two channel = 128Kbps.
• DSL : use existing telephone lines, using DSL hub; always connected ; (640Kbps>speed>256Kbps)
• Cable Modem: use existing TV coaxial cable;
  provide by cable TV provider; via network card and ethernet cable; speed<1.5Mbps

• very specialized telecommunication circuit that does not work over normal telephone line
• divide in 24 channels in many different purpose; speed<1.54Mbps

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
• a bussiness that provides connectivity to the internet
• can be a small bussiness hat provides connectivity in only one city, or large company with access points in
many cities and country
• Popular ISPs
  1. TMNet
  2. Jaring
  3. School And College Network
Primary Purpose of an ISP
To Connect To The Internet:
  1. a physical connection
  2. software to communicate
  3. an address
To Connect To An ISP
• must be using an operating system that support communication protocol such TCP/IP

Local Area Network (LAN)
• a group of computer and other devices network together that is confined in a small area

How An Internet Service Provider Works
• after connect to ISP by cable, DSL or telephone line the ISP connect you to the internet
• a router device that connect two or more network can make decision about the best way to route data over these networks
• Region network=Wide Area Network (WAN); a network covers a large geographical area.
• Channel Service Unit(CSU) acts as a safe electrical buffer between the LAN and public network
• Digital Service Unit or Data Service Unit; data formatted correctly before allowed on the T1 line

Point Of Presence
• is a connection point to the internet; either a telephone number, Dial-up
Uniform Resource Locator
• is an address for a web page file or other resource on the internet

• consist of a large number of computer connected or network to each other
• server tend to have greater capacity and more expensive
• a network that uses the TCP/IP protocol to provide private services within an organization.
• medium or larger business enterprise
• refer to internet resource that are beyond the reach of the public and require login name and password to access
• certain large or privileged customers; suppliers and subcontractor

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