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4 Mac 2011

Input And Interaction

Input Device
• physical device
• logical device : define the type of input; not adopted in openGL

input device
Classes of Logical Device
  1. String Device : returns strings of characters; physical device keyboard
  2. Locator: returns; physical device mouse
  3. Pick: returns the ID of the graphical object; physical device mouse button gun
  4. Choice: mouse returns one of a discrete number of option;ex menu
  5. Stroke: return array of location; similar to locator; ex push button, releasing the button mouse
Input Process
  1. Measure process: input device returns a set of logical measures
  2. Trigger process: input device returns the trigger signal
Input Modes
Request mode:

Sample mode:

Event mode:
Display Lists
  • is a compiled list of intructions stored in adisplay memory(client) or on a graphics server


  • Draw geometric objects.
  •  Manipulate pixels.
  • Control attributes, such as color, line type,
  • and fill patterns.
  • Include menus.
  • Allow for moving and resizing the window

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