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4 Mac 2011

Introduction To Computer Graphics

What is Computer Graphic?
 the term "computer graphic" was coined in 1960 by William Fetter
• to describe new methods he was pursuing at Boeing
• mean the creation, storage and manipulation of model and images; all generated by computer
• computer graphic are picture or images generated by computer.

Modelling And Rendering
 modelling: develop a mathematical representation of any 3D surface of object.
• method: implicit func. ; polygon mesh; splines; metaballs
• representing a scene or object in a format that can be stored in computer memory
• rendering: give final appearance to the model; 2D to 3D; technique=raytracing

4 Main Task:
  1. Imaging: representing 2D Images
  2. Modelling: creating and representing the geometry of object in the 3D world
  3. Rendering: constructing 2D images from 3D model
  4. Animation: describing how objects change in time
Computer Graphic Tool
 Hardware Tool: video monitor; graphic cards; data gloves; graphic tablet
 Software Tools: OpenGL; write program to create images
 Software For CGI Animation: 3Dstudio Max/ Maya/ Blender

Where CGI (computer graphic interface) are used?
 computer games; movie production; animation and special effect; slide, book, megazine design
 monitoring a process: air traffic control system
 simulations: flight simulator
 computer aided design(CAD)

Element of Computer Graphic System
• processor; memory; frame buffer(memory store of pixel)
• input device; output devices(CRT)

Transformation: encoded as 4x4 matrix
Clipping: limited field of view so cut geometry against the clippilng rectangle
Projection: flatten object from 3D to 2D
Rasterization: (scan conversion): covert geometry primitives(lines, polygon) to pixel

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